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The LoccaMini GPS tracker helps you find them anywhere, anytime!

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…Boats, motorcycle fleets, carrier pigeons – what would you wish to track! Throw your ideas at us! We would love to hear from you!


One device – endless possibilities

LoccaMini comes with a variety of colorful accessories made out of soft silicone that can be easily and securely attached to animals and any types of objects. The Locca BeltCase for pet collars fits belts with different widths and the Locca KeyCase is designed so LoccaMini can be attached to all kinds of objects like keys and backpacks.


Functions that speak for themselves

This is why you are going to love Locca

Long battery life

Thanks to energy-saving modes and individual settings, the battery life can be maximized making it no problem to go 7 days without charging.

Endless power...

The battery life varies depending on the nature and intensity of usage. In the standby mode, the LoccaMini can go up to 7 days à 12 hours without charging.

Exact location

LoccaMini uses state-of-the-art tracking technologies like A-GPS, GSM cellular positioning system, Bluetooth 4.0 and FSK.

As needed

In addition to 3 different tracking modes (single, eco and live location) 3 safety zones (geo, me and home zone) can be set up.

Worldwide usage

Thanks to a built-in SIM card the LoccaMini can be located without any distance and range limitations worldwide*.

Worldwide location

The SIM service plan includes an unlimited number of locations in following countries: Europe, Canada and the United States of America.

Small and lightweight

With dimensions of 45 x 32 x 18 mm (l x w x d) and a weight of 29 g the LoccaMini is one of the most compact device on the market.

Pocket format

The combination of diverse technology (4 antennas) in such a small device makes the LoccaMini the smallest and lightest tracker of its kind!


LoccaMini is waterproof (IP67) and impact-resistant making it ideal for a wide range of uses including use in rain and under water.

...and impact restistant

Let the dog take a jump into water or leave the bike out in the rain because the silicon covers give the device added protection.

Light & Buzzer

On the app a very bright LED light and a buzzer can be activated on the LoccaMini. This makes searching in the dark easier.

For the last few meters

When closing in on the last few meters the device has added visual and acoustic features. Just activate the light or the buzzer to facilitate your search!

The LoccaApp as a control center

We make your life easier.

On the interactive map of the LoccaApp the positions of all your LoccaMinis are shown individually or in an overview. They can be chosen, controlled, tracked and also equipped with individual features. Different tracking modes, different safety zones, the route to the LoccaMini or the 24-hour position tracking and other features make your LoccaMini an intelligent companion. (more…)

An unlimited number of LoccaMinis can be controlled by the app. Bicycle fleet or hounds are all in check on ONE screen on your smartphone or in the web app on the computer.

Coming soon

Coming soon

Three tracking Modes


    Shows the current position of the LoccaMini once.


    Tracks the LoccaMini in real time in 10-second intervals.


    A flexible tracking mode with adjustable intervals (energy saving).

Three safety zones

The safety zones work as “virtual fences” for your LoccaMinis. You can define them in your app and in doing so mark off an area on the map. As soon as the LoccaMini enters or leaves this zone, you will be notified on your smartphone.

Three zones are available:


Any area can be plotted on the map. If your LoccaMini moves out of this zone, you will be notified immediately on your smartphone.


The Me Zone is a roughly 15-meter radius around you. If the LoccaMini moves away from you, you will receive an alarm signal. This makes forgotten keys a thing of the past.


Your charging station at home establishes a wireless connection to the LoccaMini. Only when this zone is left will you be alerted, and the LoccaMini becomes “activated“. That saves energy when the Locca is at home.

 Get your free LoccaApp now (coming soon)

The LoccaApp is currently available on Android and iOS. Click on the respective store and install the app on your android smartphone (Google Play) or Apple smartphone (iOS App Store).

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